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NBA Jam Cabinet Build

7 December 2017 / by smallchangeadmin

Construction of the cabinet. I use baltic birtch plywood for the sides and red oak for all the cross-members and internal supports.

I assemble and finish every part of the cabinet before I move on to paint. Once everything is perfect, I disassemble the entire thing to prep it for paint and graphics. Any holes and gaps are filled with bondo wood filler. I then sand and apply a final coat of regular bondo to all surfaces. I scrap almost all of this layer off, it’s mostly to fill the pours on the wood surfaces. This is a lot more work, but the final product is a perfectly smooth surface with no wood grain showing. This also saves on paint.

The paint was easy on this one. All surfaces needed to be black. Once dry I began final assembly. The monitor got a black vinyl wrap that I fitted on it’s bezel. An additional black bezel and 1/4″ acrylic sheet go over that. I applied the side art vinyl and red 1/2″ t-molding. Then I could apply the CPO and install the controls, then install the control panel.


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NBA Jam PCB Repair

13 July 2017 / by smallchangeadmin

I’ve had this NBA Jam PCB for years, and recently pulled it out of storage. I was getting multiple BAD ROM errors on the startup check screen, and the games graphics were distorted and missing.

I put together a video repair log that goes over what turned into a pretty complicated repair involving replacing sockets, burning new ROM chips, and replacing other ICs. Watch it here:



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Ms. Pacman Paint Job

13 June 2017 / by smallchangeadmin

More coming soon on the custom stencils and paint process for my Ms. Pac-man cabinets. Stay tuned


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