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The weird San Francisco business keeping the city supplied with quarters

Tessa McLean and Charles Russo form the SFGate followed me for a day on my Penny Machine route down at fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. A little look into the inner workings of the coin-op business in San Francisco.

Ready Player None: SF Arcades Hang On

Arcades in San Francisco are keeping the classic gaming experience alive despite rising costs, a decline in foot traffic, and the challenges brought by the COVID-19 shutdown. Amidst all these difficulties, these arcade owners and their loyal patrons remain committed to preserving the thrill of competition and shared experiences that arcades offer. Restoring Classic Arcade Games in Mini Cabinets!

Norm from Adam Savage's came to visit my workshop. It was so cool to talk shop with someone that really appreciates the amount of work and little details that I put into my machines.

I was on Pawn Stars!

Had a blast showing my games to Rick. They cut out the best parts of him busting my chops for wearing toe shoes. He didn't make a deal with this Matt, but it wasn't Game Over. He went back to to Free Gold Watch and made a deal with other Matt on some pinball machines.

A Very Strange Project

So cool to work with my friend Scotty from Strange Parts. Follow our adventure of hacking an ATM, and a Slot machine and merging them together into one seamless machine! This 3-part series will keep you on the edge of your seat as we face what seem like endless setbacks. It's almost like these things were intentionally designed to be tamper proof!

My Games Mentioned in NY Times Best Seller!

The Every, by Dave Eggers features a scene that takes place at Free Gold Watch! The arcade where I have several of my mini arcade games. Eggers specifically mentioned an "undersized Galaga" which I made an operate near the front of the arcade!

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