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Shelter In Place - Home Rental

Now offering in-home rental. Games are cleaned and delivered to your door. Stands are available while supplies last.

  • $200/month for 1 game and stand
  • $350/month for 2 games and double stand
  • Can switch out games monthly
  • Available to all Bay Area residents


I will delivery 5 of my games to your event. Delivery is free within San Francisco. My 40% sized games can fit almost anywhere. I can even bring them up stairs with no issue. The games are installed on custom stands if your guests will be standing, or they are perfect on the ground for a more low key gathering, or for kids parties!

  • $200/hr
  • 5 games with stand
  • Min 2.5hrs
  • Small travel fee if outside San Francisco


My games are for sale. Please contact me directly for pricing on specific games as they do very, but general pricing is outlined below. These games are made entirely by hand. They are no mass produced, and include all original hardware. I put several hundred hours of work into every single game. Material costs for a single game range from $1000-1500.

  • $5k for standard game
  • $8k for Ms. Pac-man - hand painted - custom inlay
  • Commissions
    • $4k total
    • 50% upfront

Repair and Restoration

House Calls

I will gladly make house calls within the Bay Area ($50 travel fee if outside SF) for FREE. Repairs charged at $55/hour. If not able to fix problem on location, I will offer estimate for larger repairs.


PCB Repair

  • EPROM replacement
  • Custom Chips and Installation
    • Ms. Pac-man / DK / Galaga Highsave kits
    • speedup chips, etc
  • Board troubleshooting and repair
    • IC replacement
    • Socket repair
    • Trace repair

Board on the fritz? EPROM error? Capacitor blow up? I’ll fix that. I stock the most common Components, ICs and EPROMs. Estimates available.

I specialize in Midway T-unit and Wolf Unit boards (NBA Jam, MK2, MK3, etc)


  • Custom Graphics
  • Restoration
  • Vinyl for CPO, Marquees, Sideart, etc

I’ve been a graphic designer for 15+ years and specialize in restoring graphics. I can find/redraw/retouch any graphics and have printed on proper materials. Do you have a game with rare graphics? I’d love a challenge. I also work in paint and can retouch silkscreened graphics or other non-printed graphics.

Cabinets and Woodworking

  • Repairs
  • Custom cabinets
  • Hardware replacement

As a carpenter and maker for my entire life, I make all my cabinets by hand and can make quality repairs to your cabinet in my workshop. I use only the highest quality materials and can make any repair or custom cabinet.

Wiring / Controls / Coin Mechs

  • Repair / Replacement
  • Adjustments
  • Sourcing original hardware

Whatever issues you have here I can fix. I make all my wiring harnesses from hand and am really obsessive about soldering every connector and shrink-wrapping everything.


  • Tube Swaps
  • Cap Kits
  • HOT replacement
  • Adjustment

I love CRTs. I only use CRTs in my games and since they are not manufactured any longer, It's important that I can repair them when they break. I specialize in tube swaps, cap kits, and any other standard fixes needed to keep your monitor crisp!

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