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Mini Arcade Game Rental in San Francisco

How it works

Arkanoid chart
Ms. P - Galaga
NBA Jam back

Small Change arcade offers rental of a one-of-a-kind mini classic arcade games delivered to your business or home.

Each game is meticulously scaled to match the original. Custom built in the Haight, San Francisco. All games run on original licensed circuit boards, no emulators or multi-game bootleg boards. No LCDs are used either. Each game has a custom built or difficult to source CRT monitor that accept proper 15khz RGB video signal.

- Small Change Arcade.


40% the size 100% as fun
40% the size 100% as fun

Each game cabinet is meticulously scaled to match the original and uses authentic controls and coin mechs. Stylistic acrylic windows show the original components and inner workings of the game.

Original Boards
Original Boards

Every game uses the original licensed PCB. No emulators or multi-game bootleg boards.

CRT Screens
CRT Screens

Every game uses custom built or difficult to source 9-13" CRTs that accept 15khz RGB video signal. I never use LCDs. They do not look right and introduce unacceptable lag to the game.

Free Delivery
Free Delivery

I deliver directly to your business or home within San Francisco. The games are small, so tight spaces, stairs, escalators, and any other challenges are no obstacle!


Don't spend big bucks on one game that not everyone likes or will get tired of. Small Change Arcade will deliver a different game every month, so you, your customers and staff will never get bored!

Locally Built by Hand
Locally Built by Hand

Every part of the cabinets are built by hand in San Francisco in the tiniest of workshops. All acrylic is hand cut and bent. All artwork is hand painted, or faithfully redrawn digitally and printed on appropriate vinyl.

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The Games

Donkey Kong Jr. Remix
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Mortal Kombat II
Donkey Kong
Tetris (Atari)
Ms. Pacman (original PCB)
Ms. Pac-Man – Galaga

Frequently asked questions

Who are you and what are you doing here?

My name is Matt. I live in San Francisco and build tiny arcade games to fit in my tiny apartment. Now I'm offering them to the public.

How much does it cost?

I'm available for public and private events. $200/hr - 2.5hr min.

Who can rent the games?

Anyone! My games are perfect for office break rooms, cafes, restaurants,homes, garages, weddings, wherever. The games are small so I can access locations that others can't.

The Games

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