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Tetris (Atari)

My favorite game ūüôā Just finished. More info and photos coming soon.

Tetris¬†(styled¬†TET–ĮIS) is a¬†puzzle game¬†developed by¬†Atari Games¬†and originally released for arcades in 1988. Based on¬†Alexey Pajitnov‘s¬†Tetris, Atari’s version features the same gameplay as the computer editions of the game, as players must stack differently shaped falling blocks to form and eliminate horizontal lines from the playing field. The game features several¬†difficulty levels¬†and two-player simultaneous play.

Photo Gallery

More Games!

Donkey Kong

Just finished! Original Nintendo Donkey Kong (1981). This machine uses original joysticks, coin mech, buttons, and 2-board PCB. The monitor is a Wells Gardner 13″.


A classic game from Taito. control the Vaus (paddle) by turning the spinner and break all the blocks without dying.

Tetris (Atari)

Everyone knows how to play Tetris. This is Matt’s all-time favorite game! Try to beat my high score, but be careful, if you pass 999,999 the points go back to 10,000

Ms. Pac-Man – Galaga

This Ms. Pac-man styled cabinet also features Galaga. You can also use the code UUUDDDLRLRL after entering a credit to access classic Pac-Man.


A groundbreaking and polarizing game from Sega 1982.


1942 is a classic and easy to play game. Just be careful with the fire button, your hands may cramp. And don’t forget the Loop button!

Ms. Pacman (original PCB)

This Ms. Pac-man features an original PCB that barely fits in the cabinet. This is regular speed, always fun, Ms. Pac-man with no board modifications.


Kaboom! NBA JAM is fun for all ages. Cabinet features 2-player vs configuration that makes for some epic battles. Tiny Game, Big Heads!

Mortal Kombat II

My favorite MK of the series from Midway 1993


Frogger! A classic from Sega/Gremlin 1981


“Serve the public trust. Protect the innocent. Uphold the law” – This sideshooter is all about timing and dodging bullets. See how far you can get before the time runs out.

Donkey Kong Jr. Remix

The sequel to Donkey Kong, with added REMIX chip for additional levels and high score save.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Peak Mortal Kombat from Midway 1995

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